There, I think I am FINALLY happy with how Faye's glasses sit on her. Thanks to everyone for putting up with a couple days of whining from me, I think I have made enough progress where I am not completely frustrated anymore. I will try not to get all Piro on you in the future (also I promise never to adopt his update "schedule", heh heh).

As I mentioned on the forum a couple days ago, this current story arc is highly unusual in that I have it all written out in advance. Normally I never work more than one strip or script ahead, but for this next week and a half of comics the scripts just sort of came together in my head of their own volition, and all I had to do was write them down. This means that I'll have more time to work on the artwork as opposed to sitting in front of a blank monitor trying to come up with script ideas at 7:30 on an update night, like I normally do. :)

Anyway the next four to six strips should be very entertaining, I'm excited to get all the ideas in my head translated to pixel form. Hooray for the opposite of writer's block (writer's dysentery, maybe).

Last night Heather and I went to see the American Analog Set play at the Iron Horse, and it was a wonderful show. The Iron Horse is a super-intimate venue with lots of tables and chairs and stuff (it is customary to sit, not stand) and was a perfect setting for AAS, who played a great set that included just about every song I was hoping they'd play. They sound pretty much the same live as on their records, so if you like their sound you should definitely go see them when they swing by a town near you. You can't have too much mellow, spacey indie rock, and AAS do it better than just about anybody else out there right now.

That's it for now. Enjoy the strip, remember to vote on Buzzcomix, and enjoy your weekend. I will see you Monday, bright eyed and bushy-tailed (hopefully)!

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