We are alive!

My apologies for the site outage this weekend- apparently someone at our colocation place decided it would be a good idea to turn the server off and stick it in a corner. Webmast0r Nihilist spent a good four hours this evening getting it up and running again. Thanks Nih.

Monday's comic is going up a little earlier than usual as a thank-you to all of the kind folks who emailed and IMed to let me know the site was down. I already knew, but I really appreciate people's concern. It is slightly crazy to think that other human beings care about this site enough to let its creator know when they are experiencing technical difficulties.

I got a sketchbook and some good pencils the other day and I have been steadily filling up pages in it when I have nothing else to do. Hooray for exercising my non-digital art skills. I'm really happy with Faye's hands in the last panel of today's strip. I spent a couple hours yesterday drawing different hand positions and I think it shows. I've also been trying to make Faye and Dora look a little more different from each other. Hopefully I've made some progress there as well.

As I type this, QC stands at #14 on Buzzcomix. This is honestly way better than I ever expected to do. Thanks (as always) to everyone who votes.

That's it for now. I've been playing Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA all weekend, and my cows need milking. See you Wednesday!

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