I have no idea where the Zombie Monkey came from. ZOMBIE MONKEY EAT YOU!!!


The other day I picked up Sumday by Grandaddy. All the reviews I read had me expecting a much more electronics-heavy sound, but this is basically just an indie pop record with some keyboards and drum machines thrown in as well. The singer writes songs about robots, which is awesome. The transition between "Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World" and "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake" is wonderful- heartbreaking ballad straight into a silly pop song with the cheesiest/catchiest keyboard hook this side of The Microphones. Fun stuff if you're into the whole indie-pop thing, which I find myself enjoying more and more lately.

The QC forums have been INSANE lately. Tons of new people and lots of interesting posts. The music board in particular has been a bed of radness. I plan to cross-breed all of my forum-goers to produce a super-race of hyperintelligent music aficionados. I have the awesomest readers of ANYONE, and I will TOTALLY FIGHT anyone who says otherwise.

My girlfriend Heather likes to knit things. Specifically, she likes to knit things for people in exchange for money to help her eat. If you would like a lovely hand-made hat, scarf, or sexy arm warmers, go here and get in touch with her. I have one of her hats and can testify that they are super-warm and comfortable.

QC is absolutely SLAYING the other webcomics over on Buzzcomix. You voting people are so Goddamned cool I don't have the words for it. Keep 'em coming!

The first batch of "Tip" t-shirts should be in my hands next week. Everyone who pre-ordered a shirt should have theirs within two weeks, hopefully. Once I get another 10 orders or so, I will have the second batch printed and shipped out to people (everyone who ordered a shirt in the past two weeks or so).

One last thing: I'm adding a PayPal button below these newsposts, because some readers have indicated that they would not mind giving me small amounts of money to support the site. It's not mandatory or anything, I am not about to get frostbite or die of scurvy, but if you feel like contributing you can do so.

Anyway, hope you enjoy today's comic. I will see you Monday!

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