The moral of this story is that everyone should be able to enjoy booze at the local dive bar of their choice. It is about brotherhood between working men (and ladies). Because really, we're all just trying to enjoy ourselves, relax a little, and maybe drink too much and wake up Monday morning feeling like a dog was sitting on our face while we were passed out on the floor. Right?

As I posted over in the forums, QC's server is currently undergoing a DoS (Denial of Service, ie stupid haxor bullshit) attack. Our kind webhost Nihilist is working like a madman to try and fend off this nefarious attempt to destroy our uptime, but there may be (and have been) momentary outages as he tweaks and recompiles and debugs things. If you're having trouble accessing various things on QC, or if the site is loading slow, have patience. It will get better soon.

Remember, Questionable Content T-shirts are only available for pre-order until this Wednesday! After that, you're limited to whatever stock I happen to have. It would be great if I could get a few more shirt orders, then I would be guaranteed to break even on this print run. Shirts are for awesome!

In other news, I recently got iTunes for my PC and I am really loving it. The only problem is that my collection of 900+ mp3s do not have any ID3 tags on them. I have the artist name and album names all formatted already, because that is farily simple to do in iTunes itself. Naming each individual song, however, is a huge pain in the ass. CDDB info doesn't seem to work, so it looks like I am forced to add the song titles by hand. I'd rather not do that 800 times. If anyone knows of a quicker way to add individual song titles to batches of mp3s, please drop me a line at jephco (at) yahoo (dot) com.

That's all for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you on Wednesday!

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