Man, something is really raping my bandwidth as I type this. QC has been slow to load for me all evening. I apologize if any of you are experiencing similar delays.

Today's Friday edtion brings us... Webcomics You Might Not Have Known About! In which I will link to a couple webcomics that I really enjoy and that might not be on your Favorites list because they are not super-well-known.

First up is Death to the Extremist, by a friend of mine from college, mister M. Zole. I love DtE. So odd, so satisfying.

Next we have Monkey Business. This comic amuses the crap out of me. The strips a few days back with the robot sent me into giggling spasms.

Finally, I simply must force all of you at gunpoint to go read every single Jerkcity comic. Yes, I want you to read ALL 1,846 of them. It is one of the finest creations of mankind. It is also where I got the TYPING IN ALL CAPS FOR HUMOROUS EFFECT thing from. People who talk to me on IM (and remember- you can IM me, I am very nice) or visit message boards that I frequent know what I am talking about.

I really like how the last two panels of today's strip turned out. I think I might start using thicker ink lines more often. What do you think? You should tell me in the QC forums. We have punch and pie, and Noodle will dance with you if you ask her nicely.

Finally, if any QC fans happen to be going to see Stars and Broken Social Scene Friday night at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, you should look for me! I will be there, rocking out with friends. Who knows, maybe I will run into someone there! I think I have at least a COUPLE NYC readers. Hehe.

That's all for now. Have a fun weekend, and I will see you Monday!

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