Bear in mind that a while back Marten told Pintsize to turn his laser off, but not to disable it completely. This was probably a mistake on his part. And just when Faye was about to say something juicy! I swear, the guy who draws this comic must derive some twisted pleasure out of teasing his readers. ;)

My vacation was wonderfully relaxing. I regrettably did absolutely no extra bonus QC strips as planned, I was too busy sleeping and otherwise enjoying myself. I did, however, complete two extremely silly comics for people to look at. They were inspired by staying up way too late and bourbon, and are called Velociraptor Boyfriend. You can read the first comic here and the second one here. Hopefully you will like them, they are silly fun. Maybe I will do more in the future!

That's all I can think of to talk about at the moment. Enjoy the comic(s), vote for QC on BCX if you like, and I will see you Wednesday!

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