Holy crap, Marten passed up an opportunity to be awkward in favor of a snide comment? Perhaps he is getting more comfortable with everyone's favorite sassypants? Time will tell!

This whole "royal we" thing was probably inspired by Neal Stephenson's latest book, The Confusion. I just finished it and can say with certaintly that it is a vast improvement upon the plodding, overly dense Quicksilver. The only downside is that to really understand what is going on, you have to have read Quicksilver first. And what is up with Enoch Root? It is a mystery that has spawned huge amounts of Internet theorizing, and I can't wait to (hopefully) find out the truth about him in the last book of the trilogy.

The last batch of Tip T-shirts is being printed, and should hopefully be in my hands soon. If my calculations are correct, this should take care of everyone who has previously ordered a Tip shirt and not recieved one yet.

Have you been reading Okay Pants lately? Julie has been on an incredibly strong run lately, her comic is totally worth checking out if you enjoy laughing.

I guess I should mention that I have a LiveJournalnow. Mostly it is for random thinking and yelling, but some people like to read that sort of thing. If you are one of them, check it out. You might enjoy it, I don't know.

That's all for tonight. It is late and I am tired. See you Friday!

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