Today's guest strip is by the lovely Angela Melick of Wasted Talent! Angela was kind enough to give me the original art for this strip at APE and I am intensely jealous of her drawing skills. My poor scanning job doesn't do them justice.

So I am really pissed about Proposition 8 in California. Until I visited this weekend, I had no idea it was such a close-run issue, and when I started getting emails Monday morning from people alarmed at the pro-Proposition-8 ads appearing on my website, I was genuinely horrified. I am SO ANGRY that these homophobic idiots tried to co-opt my website with their crap. Vote against Proposition 8, people. Gay dudes and ladies should have all the rights straight dudes and ladies have.

Anyway, I have done what I can to make sure those ads don't show up on the site anymore (it is in Google's hands now). I will also be donating all of the money I made off of Google Ads today to GLAAD, because I am intensely uncomfortable with the idea of profiting off homophobia.

I don't normally talk about my political beliefs on this site, as I am pretty sure you all are here for funny comics about cute girls with problems, not me yelling about how awesome I think Barack Obama is. But honestly, I think he's pretty awesome. I think everybody should vote for him!

Anyway I promise no more political stuff after the election. Enjoy the guest strip, regular QC resumes tomorrow. See you then!

okay time to sit back and watch the angry Republican email wash in

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