I really love it when I start off with an idea for a stip, and it suddenly veers off into the weeds and ends up way stranger than I had originally planned. That's what happened to today's comic- is Marten just being silly, or trying to defuse an awkward moment, or his he completely clueless that Faye may or may not have been flirting with him? I mean what the hell, people.

On Wednesday I will be unveiling a new t-shirt design, one that quite a few people have been clamoring for lately. I think you will like it!

Over the weekend I bought Ratatat's new self-titled CD and I am really liking it. Imagine if the guitarist from Def Leppard got sucked into a Super Nintendo game whose main character was Dan the Automater and you have a rough idea of what they sound like. This album is highly recommended for fans of !!!, Out Hud, and maybe the Postal Service, as well as anyone else who likes the idea of bitchin' guitar lixx and fat hip hop beats. You can sample tracks and/or buy the album on iTunes, that's what I did.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and try to have a decent Monday, and I will see you later on this week.

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