Seriously, though- where the hell did this pleated skirt thing come from? Literally the first day the temperature rose above 70 here in Northampton I saw like 10 different girls all wearing these skirts. Weird.

Of course, indie-culture fashion stopped being about non-conformity a long time ago. I wouldn't say it's been completely gentrified yet (give Hot Topic another year or so), but when I see that guy who always wears skin-tight black jeans, a tight grey t-shirt and biker boots with spurs on them walking through town, I just want to grab him and shake his scrawny ass and shout "YES I KNOW YOU ARE A HIPSTER!!! PERHAPS YOU COULD GET A LITTLE TOP HAT THAT HAD A FLASHING NEON 'HIPSTER' SIGN STICKING OUT OF THE TOP! I THINK IT WOULD REALLY COMPLETE YOUR WARDROBE!"

The kids I'd consider real indie-rockers in a fashion sense(for whatever it's worth) are the dudes and ladies who just wear stuff they like, regardless of whether it is currently in style or not. I tip my hat to the chubby dudes in button down shirts and baggy pants, the girls who still wear t-shirts that don't have the sleeves cut off, the people with normal fucking haircuts as opposed to something that looks like the results of a horrific accident involving a Flowbee and a tube of Astro-Glide.

Jesus, I just wrote three paragraphs and a comic strip about indie rock fashion. Who's the hipster here? I should shut up before I dig myself any deeper.

I said the new shirt designs would be out tonight, but I didn't figure on how long tonight's comic was gonna take, so they'll have to wait for Friday. I got the last batch of Tip shirts from the printer today, so they should be out in the mail by Friday as well.

I finally got around to prurchasing The Cat and the Cobra by Les Savvy Fav tonight, and it is quite good. I am enjoying the dancey post-punk goodness! Now all I need to do is go see them live and get taunted by the singer. If he tried to cut my hair I would totally let him. That would be awesome.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, and I will see you on Friday! Remember to vote for QC on BCX, voting is awesome and it makes me a little bit happier every day.

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