Paleontologists are locked in debate over whether the fearsome Smarmosaurus was a bigger threat to female dinosaurs than the Stareannosaurus. One thing they agree on is that the timid Courteousaur never stood much of a chance.

If you go to Connecticon's official website and mouse over the "guests of honor" link, you can see a list of all the awesome guests they will be having! I am also on that list, I don't know why. But anyway, I would love it if people stopped by to say hello. The con runs from July 16-18 in East Hartford, CT and there's plenty more info on their site about it. I am super-excited, it will be my first convention ever and I am really looking forward to it. Come hang out! I'll be sure to yell more about it as the con approaches, so you will have no excuse.

Instant Classic is getting really interesting lately- I can't wait to see where Brian takes this new storyline of his. Also have you read the first Trumpet Airlines yet? The man is juggling awesomeness, I tell you! I think Brian should do a comic with a planeful of strippers and call it Strumpet Airlines. I am retarded.

Fallen is wicked good as well. So good that I must link it here!

Barret's Lament is one of the new projects that Mitch from Nothing Nice to Say is working on now. You should check it out. Mitch is awesome.

Diesel Sweeties has been hell of good lately too. The headless Red Robot arc has been wonderful!

One last thing:

Five really good bands that should not have broken up:

1. Juno
2. Castor (good luck finding their CD, heh)
3. The Wicked Farleys
4. Don Caballero
5. National Skyline

That's it for tonight! Have a nice weekend, enjoy the comic, and I will see you on Monday.

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