Some rejected Dora zingers include "At least I don't look like a banana with tits" and "Careful if we pass and yellow VW Beetles, Faye. They might try to mate with you!"

Strips where two characters are just bouncing lines off each other can be challenging to write, because the dialogue isn't confined to a particular set of actions. This one was a lot of fun for me, though. Today's strip was fun to draw, too. I have not done many dresses before! Also Dora's cat makes another brief appearance. He is directly inspired by Gigi from Kiki's Delivery Service, a Hayao Miyazaki movie that you should avoid watching at all costs if you are allergic to cuteness or witches.

I hope everyone enjoyed having four comics to read this week! I may try and shoot for four next week as well, depending on how much work I can get done this weekend- expect news either way on Monday.

It looks like Randy met his goal of $22,000 in donations so he can quit his day job and do nothing but draw comics for a year! Congratulations Randy! That sort of thing gives me hope that someday I might be able to do this full-time. I'm not counting on it, though. Yay for day jobs and a steady income.

I found a really interesting comic today. It is called OMGWTF and is like FLCL + Jhonen Vasquez + a whole bunch of methamphetamine. It's good stuff! Also the author has awesome musical taste. Thumbs up to OMGWTF!

For those of you who have been wondering, I am feeling pretty okay about life right now. A combination of a week of some of the best drawing I've ever done (in my opinion) and a steady diet of good music and booze has left me in a pretty pleasant mood, for now anyway (knock on wood). Thanks again to everyone who's sent me emails or IMs or good wishes, it really helps a lot when I am feeling down.

That's it for tonight, I think. Enjoy the comic, vote on BCX if you want (we are so far in the lead it is not even funny- it is hilarious), and I will see you on Monday!

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