Let's face it, quite often the paragons of indie-rock fashion look completely ridiculous. I don't begrudge the guys from Interpol for their decision to dress like cyborg waiters from a steampunk novel, but it does make me giggle a little bit. Karen O basically looks like she just fell down the stairs. Also I really wish Yeah Yeah Yeahs would just break down and recruit a bass player already, but that's another rant for another day.

I am always a little nervous when writing a strip like tonight's, because I realize that many of my readers do not keep up with indie music or culture and some of my references may be lost on them. I firmly believe a comic strip should be amusing without requiring the reader to do a Google search to get the joke, and so I always try to work in a couple extra things that people will hopefully find funny. I try to be accomodating, I promise! If I really didn't give a shit, this comic would be nothing but Marten and Faye debating the proper pronunciation of !!!, or making witty observations about how OCD Kevin Shields is. You don't want that, and neither do I. Well, maybe some of you do. But sorry, no.

It has been a lot of fun doing extra comics this week, and since I still owe you guys another one this month you can look forward to another week like this one sometime before the end of the month.

Jeff Rowland is slowly getting over his run-in with the Spider of Doom, and is back to updating Wigu again! Rejoice at his victory over millions of years of spider evolution, and go check out his comic if you are not familiar with it already. Wigu is good stuff!

Heather and I are moving to another apartment at the end of June, so things are going to be pretty hectic for a couple weeks. I do not expect it to interrupt comic updates, but if there are any delays that is why. I really don't want to break my streak of on-time updates, and will try my absolute best to keep up with things. Wish me luck!

I think that's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, remember to keep voting on BCX, and I will see you on Friday!

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