Here's this week's bonus comic in return for helping QC hit #1 on Buzzcomix! I hope you like it, it was fun to draw! I like doing these extra strips every once in a while, it keeps me on my toes. Expect a comic tomorrow as well, as per our regular schedule.

I'm really happy with Faye's pose in panel 4. It's a lot more dynamic than the standard 3/4 view- I'm really happy to be slowly getting the hang of drawing my characters from different angles. Drawing is hard, but it's great to actually make noticeable progress. Going through my archives, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm getting better at it over time. Who knows what QC will look like in anotheer 6 months? I don't, but I am hoping it looks cool, however my style evolves.

You guys and gals are being so generous with your donations, it blows my mind! I am 100% certain I have the most awesome fans in the world. Thank you!

Not too much else to report tonight. Thanks again for stopping by, for donating your hard-earned cash, and for voting on BCX. All of these things make a huge difference, and I really appreciate them. See you tomorrow!

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