ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be FOUR Questionable Content strips this week instead of the usual three. Look for new comics Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Tuesday strip is my thank-you to everyone who votes for QC on Buzzcomix. It's good to be #1!

I still owe everyone another bonus comic for their kind donations, expect that one later on this month. It is pretty fun to do extra comics!

Tonight's strip was drawn while listening to large amounts of Ellen Allien, a German glitch artist whose music is the aural equivalent of a sexy female cyborg assassin coming to kill you while striking dramatic poses (possibly a wind machine is involved). Check out her record Berlinette, it is some good stuff.

Not too much else to report tonight. This week should be a lot of fun, bonus comics are always entertaining. Remember to keep voting on BCX, it would be awesome if we could maintain the #1 spot all month. Enjoy tonight's strip and I will see you tomorrow!

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