Today's comic was drawn by my good buddy Stirling. Stirling has a comic called One Man Knife Fight that is pretty funny! Go check it out, hopefully it will make you laugh. Thanks for the comic Stirling!

The reason for the guest strip (and also why I am putting it up even earlier than usual) is that Heather and I are heading down to West Hartford to catch a play co-written by Mr. Brian Carroll of Instant Classic fame. Should be a fun time, but as it was sort of a last-minute invitation I didn't have time to pre-draw Friday's comic. And that is where Stirling's guest strip saved the day!

In other news, exciting things are afoot: Questionable Content broke the 10,000 unique visits mark for the first time on Wednesday. 10K/day was a mental milestone for me, and it is totally wonderful (and not a little spooky) that I have passed it at all, let alone within the first year of the comic's life. Thanks so much to all of you for reading, it makes me intensely happy!

People are being extremely generous with the donations and votes on Buzzcomix this month, too. It feels like my birthday already even though it's not for another two weeks. I promise I will try to make the thank-you presents for each of these things as cool as I possibly can!

I think that's it for now. Maybe there will be a post on the LiveJournal when I get back from the play tonight, we'll see. Thank again to Stirling, to everyone who has donated so far, and to everyone who votes on BCX. I will see you Monday!

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