Man, was I ever getting sick of drawing that yellow dress! Hopefully Faye's next outfit will be a little more fun to draw. I am trying something subtly different with the shading in today's strip- I like it better so far, I think I will probably continue to experiment with things for the next few strips.

Do you read Robot Stories? If not, you should! It has some really sharp artwork and a downright serrated sense of humor. Its author Neil G is an awesome dude for a whole slew of reasons (running Dayfree Press, Domination T-shirts, and eleventy-seventeen different comics, et al). I am looking forward to hanging out with him again at Connecticon this weekend.

Speaking of CTcon, you should swing by! It goes from Friday through Sunday and features a SMORGASBORD of webcomic talent! Everyone from Scary Go Round and Mac Hall and 8-bit Theatre to Diesel Sweeties and VG Cats (and probably a dozen more) will be there. Scott from VG Cats, the affordmentioned Neil G, and myself will be representing Dayfree Press there. Once you're done talking to all the cool people, you can come say hi to me.

Other exciting news- the first printing of mini-comics is in my hands! They came out really nice, and I have roughly 100 to give out at CTcon. I don't know how fast they'll go, but there's a chance they could all be gone in the first day, so if you're planning to attend the con be sure to track me down early if you want one.

If you can't make it to the con, fear not- I will be uploading the entire mini-comic to this site so that everybody can view it free of charge. If you would like to order a hard copy of your own, you will be able to do that through the site sometime after the con. I'll have more details on that as things develop.

Congratulations to Diesel Sweeties for hitting 1000 strips! I made this as a thank-you to RStevens for all these years of robots and porn stars and hipsters.

Finally, the rivalry between Sam Logan and myself has blossomed into what is possibly the most groundbreaking political movement of the past 5000 years- Jacques and Logan 2004. If elected, we will unite Americanada under a banner of peace, environmental consciousness, and government-subsidized strip clubs. Jacques/Logan 2004: Doves, Trees, and Tits™.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, eat some ice cream, and remember to vote on Buzzcomix- it'd be completely rad if we could hang on to #1 for the rest of the month. I appreciate every single vote you send my way. See you Friday!

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