So today's comic is all hella dramatic and stuff. Hopefully you enjoyed it! It raises a lot more questions than it answers, heh.

You'll have plenty of time to speculate, too, because next week is Questionable Content Guest Week! That's right, starting on Monday there will be a new guest strip every day up to and including Saturday, while I take a much-deserved vacation from my regular routine. Some of my favorite artists and authors EVER are contributing, and I am really excited to see what they put out. Monday's guest comic will be brought to you by my very talented running mate/ex-arch-rival, Mr. Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy. Show him some love, he is a Man of Quality. Almost all of the bad things I have said about him in the past are untrue. :)

As most of you read this, I will be sitting at my table at Connecticon, passing out free copies of the mini-comic and generally being a friendly fellow to people! The con goes all weekend, Friday through Sunday, and I really hope to see some QC readers there. Come say hello, I will be in the Artists' Alley most of the time along with a bunch of my other webcomicin' pals.

I think that's all for tonight. I'll still be doing newposts and such with the guest strips next week, so you can expect to hear from me again on Monday, as usual. Remember to keep voting on Buzzcomix- every vote is a huge help! Enjoy today's strip, and I will see you in a few days!

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