Hey look, it's a Questionable Content strip that I actually did myself! It feels like FOREVER since that happened. Thanks once again to the wonderful folks who helped contribute to the QC Guest Week. It is good to be back!

Marten's childhood was certainly an interesting one. Imagine the sort of "so, how was your day" conversations that must have gone back and forth across that dinner table! Faye's dinner table, on the other hand, was subject to an entirely different sort of violation, as is detailed in today's strip.

I plan on answering all of my extant emails by the end of the day Monday. If you sent me a message in this past week and have not heard back from me, it is not because I hate you, I promise. Also I will come back to the Instant Messenger and IRC rooms again, it felt a little weird not being online all the time this past week. Sometimes it's good to take a break from teh intarweb, though. Recharge the nerd-batteries and all that rot.

I did a guest comic for my Dayfree Press homies over at White Ninja last week. Here it is! I love WN, it was way fun to draw that guest comic.

Questionable Content turns 1 year old on August 1st. I am going to try to do something special if I can find the time-stay tuned for more details.

That's it for tonight, thanks for stopping by and remember to keep voting on Buzzcomix if you like. I will see you Wednesday as usual!

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