You just gotta love hypocritical politicians. Oh wait, no you don't. Let's see if I get any hate mail from offended Christians about this one.

Tonight's strip was a lot of fun to draw. Hopefully you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed doing it! I have been experimenting a bit with the shading lately, hopefully it is starting to look better rather than worse. Learning how to do new things is always fun.

I forgot to mention that Matt from Mac Hall was kind enough to link to QC! I have been a big fan of his and Ian's work for years now, it was a real honor when Matt leaned forward during the big webcomic panel at CTcon to ask me to sign his copy of my mini-comic. I didn't get a chance to stop by their booth at that con, but hopefully I will get to hang out with them at some point in the future. Ian's antics were easily the highlight of the afforementioned panel, so it'd be great to talk to him as well.

Have you been reading Wigu lately? If so, you might have noticed a brief cameo by a certain QC character in Julie Keene's filler comic (Jeff R was away at ComiCon all last week). I tried to warn Marten about those bears, but he didn't listen!

Do you like indie rock? Then go out and buy Sonic Youth's newest record, Sonic Nurse, right now. It is really good stuff! I have talked to Thurston Moore briefly over the phone, he seems like a nice guy. Anyway go get that record, it is a good introduction to Sonic Youth for people who are unfamiliar with them, as well as being a solid record in its own right.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you on Friday!

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