So Faye looks a little different, huh? Forum-goers have seen these changes to her hairstyle already, but for the rest of you it is a surprise! Also I finally figured out how to draw lower lips on ladies. Also I figured out how to draw Faye in profile. That should silence all of the people who have been whining about how I only ever draw people in 3/4 view (which is untrue to begin with). Anyway I hope you like the changes. If you don't, I don't want to hear about it. Thppppt.

Last week's vacation completely recharged my drawing batteries- I find myself drawing instead of eating food during my lunch break now. Perhaps later on tonight I'll scan some stuff and put it up on Jephdraw- it's been too long since I updated that site.

I have some good news- The Useless Superheroes is finally up and running! You gotta love a beautifully-illustrated superhero webcomic that is not afraid to show a girl's bare bottom within the first five strips. Wish Mark Inman good luck, I hope he is able to keep up the awesomeness!

That's it for tonight, I think. Enjoy the comic, have a relaxing weekend, and I will see you on Monday with new good things to share!

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