People often ask me what Pintsize does when Marten's not around, or when we don't see Pintsize in the comic for a while. Today's strip provides some explanation, and is hopefully a little bit funny as well.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered a t-shirt so far! Remember- if you want a Pintsize or Aerodynamically Sexy shirt, you should order before this Thursday, because that's when I'll be sending in the first order. Music & Science and Fighter Jet shirts will be returning to the store soon as well- keep your eyes peeled. I have the last batch of the original Pintsize shirts in my hands, and will ship them out as soon as my mailing supplies arrive (should be this Thursday).

One more week at the day job, and then QC goes 5x-per-week. I am even more excited than you are.

It looks like we've got a clinch on the top spot at Buzzcomix! Keep those votes coming, let's see how high we can get the total before the end of the month. Being in the Hall of Fame will be super-cool, and I'll do a little something as a thank-you for everyone who has voted these past months.

So do you like music? Do you like sexy electronic music? If so, you should buy Mouse on Mars' newest record, Radical Connector. It is really good- chopped-vocal electro-funk and some of the most detailed programming I've ever heard. MoM have been around for a while, but this new record compares best to some of their contemporaries, notably Out Hud and their French compatriots Air. Go check it out, I bet you will enjoy it.

Man. So much stuff going on in my life right now. So many drastic changes. It's a wonder I can keep up with it all, but I think I've finally passed the threshold separating stress and detatched bemusement. If I weren't so busy with QC, I'd be tempted to do a short story describing my personal life lately. Who knows, I will have a lot more free time in a week or so...

See you Wednesday!

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