And so Amanda is off home to Georgia, presumably and hopefully to sort things out with her mom. Onward to new, sexy stories!

Ladies and gentlemen, the response to my announcement on Wednesday has been utterly overwhelming. I can't thank you all enough- there are literally no words strong enough to express my profound gratitude towards all of you. I promise I'll do my best to live up to your good wishes and faith in me by making QC as good a comic as I can possibly make it. You are the best readers on the entire Goddamn planet and I am incredibly proud to have you as an audience!

Are you excited for five QC strips per week? I sure am.

Not much else to report tonight. I should have the remaining original Pintsize shirts in my hands within the next couple of days, and they'll get shipped out when my big box o' tyvek envelopes arrives next week. Music & Science and Fighter Jet shirts should be printing sometime between now and September 14th- I'll send those out as soon as they're in my hands. To everyone asking- YES, the Music & Science and Fighter Jet shirts will be returning to the store, possibly as early as next week. I didn't expect you guys to like them so much!

Anyway, enjoy today's comic, have a nice weekend, and I will see you Monday!

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