Whoa! Looks like someone's a little jealous, or feeling left out, or something! I get the feeling Marten's in for it when he eventually gets home.

You may have noticed that the comic looks a bit different now! I am doing some new things with the colors and with some of the art. I hope you like it, because I definitely do! If you do not like it, don't bother whining, I will not listen because I am stubborn. Like a mule. A mule who draws a webcomic. Maybe the mule has a Wacom stylus taped to its hoof? I dunno. Mule.

T-Shirts will be going back on sale a little later on this week. November is the month to do your shopping for QC-related Christmas gifts- you will only have until the 30th to get stuff before I close the store until the New Year! I'll have more fun merch announcements to make when the store reopens, so keep your eyes peeled.

Not much else to report tonight, except that Websnark just keeps getting better and better. He named a planet after me! Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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