Man was tonight's strip ever a lot of drawing! Good lord! I think it came out pretty good though. Dora seems to enjoy toying with Ellen. She's an even easier target than Faye, it would seem. Poor Ellen.

People really seem to like what I'm doing with the artwork lately! I am having more fun drawing the comic than ever before. Progress is good, people! Do not fear change!

I don't usually talk about politics here, but I do feel the need to mention how VITALLY IMPORTANT it is that you all get out and vote tomorrow (assuming you're over 18 and a US citizen, anyway). This could be the single most important election of our lifetime, regardless of your individual political beliefs, and so it is my sincere hope that everyone who is able to vote does so tomorrow.

Anyway, enough about world affairs. I get so stressed out even thinking about them that it makes me want to hide under the blankets with a good book and a stiff drink. Enjoy today's comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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