Hey, things look a bit different around here...again!

As you can see, I changed some of the navigation buttons and adopted a new format for the strips. I think the site looks much cleaner now, and the strips themselves have better contrast and take up less space. I also fixed up the link banner and button so that they are nicer looking than before. This is all in the name of Good.

Everything is proceeding according to plan this week. I should have Friday's strip finished by the end of tomorrow night, so it will go up right on time. This three strips per week thing is pretty neat. I'm happy to be able to crank out the extra strip as it gives me that much more space to develop the plot and characters and attempt to make you giggle.

Everybody who reads this strip needs to either go out to a record store or go online and order the cd Cedars by the excellent British pop band Clearlake RIGHT NOW. It is one of the best records I have heard all year and currently occupies the CD player in my car as well as the prime position in Winamp on my PC. Of course, I have yet to hear the new Pretty Girls Make Graves album (which is apparently amazing) so they may soon be dethroned! We shall see.

I am going to see the metal band Mastodon play tomorrow night. I am hoping to get out of the show without any black eyes or broken bones, but who knows. Metal shows can be...vigorous.

See you Friday!

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