Today's comic is a guest strip by my rad British friend James!

His art blows my meager scribblings out of the water, I know. When I saw this strip for the first time my jaw dropped. Not only does it look great and make me giggle (anyone who's played KotOR will have a good laugh as well), it's been a force for positive change on my part as well.

James has dropped a gauntlet of sorts, you see. Seeing someone else's version of my characters has made me that much more determined to get better at drawing, to flesh out the story more, to make it FUNNIER. I've been using the days off that this guest comic has afforded me to work on my drawing style a bit. I think you'll notice a slight improvement in Monday's comic, most notably with Faye. I think I'm finally beginning to draw her the way I see her in my head.

Art is an eternal process of reaching for your goals, and once you acheive them realizing that other goal lie just beyond those. I hope that I'll always be improving my drawing skills, and I can hardly wait to see what QC will look like a year from now.

But enough of that. Enormous thanks to James for the guest strip, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

If you'd like to help QC get some more exposure, I encourage you to head on over to and vote for me there. Just to a search for "questionable content" and it should pop up. I'm having some account issues so I can't put a vote button up here just yet. Anyway, every vote counts and would be immensely appreciated.

Don't forget- we've got forums now! You should go register and hang out with the nice people who post there. It is a lot of fun.

See you Monday!

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