And so we return to our regularly-scheduled program.

You may notice that today's comic loads quite a bit faster than usual. An astute reader pointed out that I could reduce my image sizes by switching from one PNG format to another. I tried it out and was very pleased with the results. Images are 1/3 as large on average, with no noticeable loss in quality. From now on, all the new strips will be in this format. I'm eventually going to change all the old strips as well.

Speaking of changing old strips, I've decided to modify the older comics to fit the new panel template. This will further reduce image sizes, as well as give the strips more of a unified look as one goes through the archives. The dialogue and everything else will remain the same, I'm just moving the panels into the new template that I've been using lately. It'll take a while to get every strip reformatted, but I think it will be a change for the better.

I like Faye's new hair. Do you like Faye's new hair?

I'd like to thank those of you who have voted for me over at Buzzcomix. QC is still pretty far down the list, but every single vote helps. This week I am providing a vote button, so if you'd like to help the strip get a little more recognition, just click it and cast your vote. I'd really appreciate it.

Finally, if you haven't checked out the forums yet, you really should. There's lots of neat stuff going on in there- possible t-shirt ideas, sneak peeks at upcoming strips, and some fuzzy bunnies. Everybody likes fuzzy bunnies, right?

That's all for tonight. See you Wednesday!

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