Can YOU tell the difference between Conor Oberst and Winona Ryder? I have trouble sometimes. From the shoulders up (I don't think Conor has Winona's chest) they are almost identical!

Before you send me angry, tear-stained e(mo)mails, let me just say that you are perfectly entitled to enjoy listening to any of the bands that Marten and Faye are wishing to assault in today's strip. I would never begrudge someone their taste in music. It's such a subjective thing that there really is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to one's listening habits.

The flipside of that coin, though, is that I AM perfectly entitled to make fun of emo bands for being Goddamned crybabies who take themselves too seriously. ;)

I would like to direct your attention to the very entertaining Cascade Failure, one of the relatively few British web comics out there that is not Scary Go Round. CF's line style fills me with happiness. Hopefully it will amuse you as much as it has amused me.

QC is doing really well over at Buzzcomix so far this month. We're still in the top 50! Not too shabby, even though the voting count DID just reset (hehe). I think we have a good chance of staying where we are and maybe even climbing a few places if people keep voting. It is awesome that people care enough about the strip to help make it more visible. That means a lot to me.

That's all for today. Enjoy the comic, giggle at the silly emo bands, and I will see you on Monday.

Oh, and you should really check out the QC Forums if you haven't already. It's shaping up to be a pretty entertaining place. Hope to see you there!

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