People had been asking me when I was going to pick up the coffee-shop-girl storyline again. Her name is Sara, by the way. I decided now would be a good time to get back into it, so here we go. If you're new to QC and are looking for the backstory behind today's strip, it's all contained within comics #9 and #10.

Ugh, it causes me physical pain to look at those old strips. What the fuck was I doing? I like to pretend that I started drawing QC around #17 or so, and everything before then was drawn by a retarded kangaroo named Herbert.

I've been asked whether the characters in QC are based on real people. The answer is (mostly) no. Sometimes they'll say or do things that I would do if faced with their situations myself, but other times they will act completely opposite from the way I would in a given predicament. They're not based on anything or anyone, save my own imagination. I think as the comic goes along you'll find that they're quite a bit more complicated than you might suspect.

QC is doing really well over at Buzzcomix. It is because I have the MOST AWESOME READERS EVER. SO AWESOME.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the comic so far. Stay tuned, I'll be continuing this little plot arc on Wednesday. Possibly there will be a girl-fight or something! I do not know! I HAVE NOT WRITTEN THE SCRIPT YET SO IT IS A MYSTERY! OMG!!!1!!one!!

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