Those of you who were hoping for some girl-fighting are no doubt very disappointed right now. Serves you right! Girls are not meant to be fighting. Also, a real live girl fight is not a pleasant thing to see. Lots of kicking and scratching and hair pulling and the like.

A good man-fight is fought with honor, using only fists and not knives or chains or Gatling guns. However, most fights are still the result of drunken-ness and machismo. Remember: friends don't let friends act like assholes at the bar. And if you've got no friends, you should not be at the bar in the first place. Drinking alone should be done at home like a good alcoholic.

I got bored after I finished today's comic so I doodled a little bit and came up with a nice picture of Amy from Scary Go Round. You can look at a reasonably-sized version of it here, and if you are super-keen on it you can download a whole bunch of desktop wallpaper thingies in all of the popular resolutions here. I may submit the drawing to John Allison in the hopes that he will enjoy looking at it for a moment or two, we shall see.

I am amazed at how many votes QC is getting over at Buzzcomix! Keep up the good work, loyal and awesome fans! It is really cool and exciting for me that people seem to be enjoying the strip.

I am also very happily surprised that the forum is full of Quality People (except for me) so far. It is a fun place to hang out and post things!

I'm sure you're getting sick of my rambling about votes and the forum in every newspost. I will try to cut down on said rambling in the future. I just get overexcited sometimes and start flapping at the keyboard and those are the words that appear on the monitor.

Anyway, enjoy the comic. I will see you on Friday!

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