I think I've broken my personal record for amount of text in one panel with today's strip.

I also broke my personal record for time spent trying to figure out what to do for a comic. I spent 4 fruitless hours last night trying to come up with a script, and another three today. Once I had the idea it only took 2 hours to draw. This is proof for you skeptics out there that drawing a comic strip is the easy part. Writing, for me anyway, is infinitely more challenging. I love doing it, but it can be damned tough when I put the plot in a tricky situation like this week.

I have a feeling that's going to happen a lot with this comic.

Ever notice that webcomics in general tend to organize themselves into small (or not so small) groups? You've got the Dumbrella cats, people like Sam and Fuzzy and BOASAS in Dayfree Press, and the hordes of quality comics over at Modern Tales. QC isn't really a part of any particular group. While this isn't unheard of (Penny Arcade certainly walk to the beat of their own drum), I sometimes wonder if it will ever change. Time will tell, I suppose. This is a very young webcomic, after all.

QC continues to do well over at Buzzcomix thanks to dedicated readers who I think are completely awesome. Approximately 200 new people have been introduced to the strip because of their efforts. I really appreciate it! Keep them votes coming!

And finally, if you've ever wondered what my girlfriend would look like if she were holding a pair of wire strippers, you should really join the QC forums.

See you Monday!

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