The other problem with bras is that ladies get angry if you cut them off with a razor or scissors. CDs will not complain if you do this.

Forum-goers will no doubt catch the Unpredictable Strippers in-joke. The rest of you non-forum people will just have to giggle nervously as we all laugh!

So I took another jab at Conor Oberst in today's strip. It really is like trying to hit the side of a barn with a Gatling gun. Still, it's so much fun! I can guarantee that the emo-bashing will continue throughout the lifespan of this strip. Hell, SOMEBODY'S gotta take up the torch now that Nothing Nice To Say has died. I am going to feel hell of awkward if I ever meet the girl who draws Life's So Rad (supar-emo webcomic) in person.

I really, really want an Apple G5. Even the 1.6 gHz machine would be wonderful. While the PC I'm currently working on is plenty nice, Apples are just so much more art and design friendly that it's just making me sad whenever I go to and drool over all the pretty shiny things there.

Two more things:

First of all, I'd like to take the opportunity to whore out the services of my uber-talented sweetie Heather. She recently left her job to go back to grad school, and is looking for some work in the interim. She is extremely skilled at web design, everything from basic HTML and CSS work to complex PHP and dynamic site scripting. She did all of the backend for Questionable Content, if you're looking for examples of her work. Anyway, if you're interested in giving her money to do web things, drop her a line at donneh (at) alum (dot) rpi (dot) edu.

The last thing is that since she quit her job she's moving in with me here in Northampton. Once we get her settled in, we're thinking of having a BIG CRAZY HOUSEPARTY (or a small, slightly crazy houseparty) to celebrate. If you'd be interested in attending (we have lots of couches for people to sleep on), drop me a line.

That's all for today. Keep voting for QC over at Buzzcomix! We're doing really well so thank you for the help. See you Wednesday!

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