This week marks something of a turning point as far as the creation of the strip goes- this is the first week where I have ever had a backlog of strips (one strip in advance so far, but more to come).

The advantages of a backlog are numerous- if for some reason I am unable to draw a strip one night, there will be no interruptions in your regularly scheduled QC goodness. Perhaps more importantly, having a backlog means I am no longer fighting a 4-hour deadline when drawing the strips. This means you can expect more detail, tighter artwork, and (hopefully) better writing, as I am no longer under pressure to get a strip done by midnight five nights a week. I am already amazed at how much easier and more fun it is to write and draw these comics when I do not have a deadline looming, and I think that enjoyment carries over into the strips themselves.

Hopefully you will continue to enjoy the strip as much or more than usual, because I certainly am. Onward ho!

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