Wow! This strip is certainly the most risque thing I have done so far. That is not necessarily saying much, mind you, but still. Rawr! I spent more time on this one strip than any I have drawn so far. I hope the effort shows!

Depending on the results of the handy new randomly-generated t-shirt advertisement (I promise I am working on less stupid-looking graphics) above the newspost, you may or may not be aware that Unicorn t-shirts are officially ON SALE in the store! We are doing pre-orders until March 1, at which point I will send the first batch off to the printer. Boys get to choose between a light tan shirt like the one Marten wears or a tough-looking black shirt. Ladies get to choose between sexy black and a delicious chocolate brown! Order now, order often.

Speaking of orders, we are putting an order in to the printer for ALL OTHER SHIRT DESIGNS on Wednesday. This means that if you want some other design, now is the perfect time to order for expedient delivery. Thanks so much to everyone who orders shirts, you fellows and ladies are responsible for me being able to eat food when I am hungry! Also you pay the electric bill, which is good because without electricity I could not draw QC.

I think that is it for tonight. Time to go draw the comic for Wednesday. See you tomorrow!

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