Why is it that every time I make changes to the setting, means of production, or artwork of the strip, they are changes that INCREASE the amount of work each comic takes? Either I am a masochist or I like challenging myself. Or both, I guess.

We have just heard back from the printer, and the first round of Unicorn shirts are coming in tomorrow. We will start shipping them out as soon as we get them. iBooty shirts are in the works, as soon as I have more info about them I will post it here. Thank you for your patience.

I keep meaning to update the Recommended Listening page, as there is a shit-ton of music I would like you people to check out if it strikes your fancy. One of these days.

Websnark mentioned QC favorably again, which is always nice. I am digging Wednesday White and her posts on the Snark- she is more stream-of-consciousness than Eric in her writing style so it is a fun juxtaposition.

I think that is it for tonight!

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