The hardest part about hugging someone to whom you are attracted but not already makin' out with is knowing how long is safe. End the hug too soon and it's weird; the other person thinks "man why did he/she only hug me a little bit?" Hugging someone for too long, on the other hand, is a clear signal that HELLO YOU GIVE ME BONERS/SQUISHY LADYPARTS HAGBLGABGLH. We walk a tight-rope, my friends, a tight-rope over the chasm of AWKWARDNESS.

I don't know if I have ever actually linked to Penny Arcade in a newspost before, at any rate it's been a long time, but damn if Monday's comic and attached newspost weren't some of the most brilliant writing Tycho has ever pulled off. He's the William Gibson of webcomic authors- it almost doesn't matter what he's saying, the deliciousness of how he says it is what you're there for.

Man have you heard that Superwolf album by Will Oldham (aka Palace Music, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, et al) and Matt Sweeney? That is some good stuff!

Also: ignore everyone who is saying bad things about the new Books album Lost and Safe. Contrary to what reviews I've read, it is quite fun to listen to and a very entertaining extension of the sound we have come to expect from them.

I think that's it for tonight. Tomorrow brings more comics and probably more words over here, like usual.

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