Sleaze is apparently the new irony.

You should be reading Sam and Fuzzy if you aren't already. It is good, particularly this recent story arc. Sam's work has only gotten more and more solid over time, and this upsets me greatly as he is my arch-nemesis and I MUST CRUSH, uh...linking to his comic. Right. Yes. EAT THAT SAM! MUAHAHAHA!

Man, speaking of getting on the bandwagon late, have you heard of the band Plus/Minus (aka +/-)? I finally got around to grabbing their EP and one of their CDs and they are AWESOME. Think a rock-ier Notwist or Menomena sped up and you know what I am talking about. Seriously good stuff.

Also if you like metal, go buy the new Mastodon CD, Leviathan. Is good metal.

I think that is it for tonight! MORE TOMORROW.

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