And with this comic we have come full-circle. Marten may be equally frustrated, but at least he's drawn a lot better now.

Funny how things change over time. QC was originally going to be a lot angstier than it currently is (yes it is okay if you shudder at the thought, I do too). It was meant to be an outlet for my frustration with my crappy job [sardonic wave at my former place of employment goes here] and crappy social life. Now I have the job of my dreams and a weird but active circle of friends and acquaintances scattered from here to Australia and back.

Now, my personal frustrations and victories barely factor in to the comic. It's taken on a life of its own. Marten isn't my mouthpiece anymore- he has his own concerns, worries, and desires. We'll see how it continues to develop from here.

I finished the design for a QC poster today and sent the graphics off to the printer. It will be a full-color 11x17" print featuring most of the current cast (all of the ones who have ever been in Marten's apartment, anyway). I should have them in time for MoCCA in June, after which I will begin selling them on the site as well. I'll let you know when they go up for sale. For now, you can see a preview over on my LiveJournal.

So I was somewhat skeptical of that new Hold Steady record due to all the hype they've been getting lately, but I bought a copy today and damn if it isn't really good! If you like killer guitar riffz and slightly manic Springsteenian storytelling, you'll enjoy this record.

That is totally it for this update. Enjoy the comic, I will see you tomorrow.

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