While riding my bike on a trail today, my front tire caught in an unexpected ditch and sent me flying over the handlebars. As I lay there, battered, bruised, and beset by opportunistic mosquitoes, I could not stop laughing. This is what it is to be alive.

Don't forget that Friday is the last day to pre-order IndieTits shirts before they get sent to the printer! I am way excited for this design.

You may have noticed the little blue graphic down below the newsposts saying that I will be attending the MoCCA Art Festival in NYC on June 11 and 12. I went as a spectator last year before my comic was all famous an' shit (I say that as tongue-in-cheek as I possibly can) and it was a ton of fun. This year should be even more entertaining as I will have a table of my own! I'll be selling t-shirts (including a few now-discontinued designs) and doing sketches for people who come say hello, so if you've got that weekend free I strongly suggest coming down. MoCCA is a blast.

I think that is it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, and I will go enjoy some Advil, ice packs, and hydrocortisone. See you Monday.

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