Mmm, ice cream.

Important shirt update: We're getting a big batch of stuff (including IndieTits shirts!) from the printer in the next couple of days, but we have been informed that the chocolate Bella babydolls are on backorder- not even our ninja of a printer has any right now. He will be checking their stock every week, so hopefully there will not be too much delay, but if you have ordered a chocolate ladies' IndieTits or Unicorn shirt it may be a while before we can ship it out to you. All other orders should go out as normal though. Thank you for your patience.

Oh, and since people have been CLAMORING for Marten's Irony t-shirt, I decided to make one. The design is a little different because frankly Marten's version looked like ass. We're doing pre-orders for two weeks and this MAY be a limited run design, so get one now if you're interested. Still doing research on potential Irony baseball caps, but I'll let you all know when I find something I like.

That is it! Enjoy the comic and I will see you on Monday.

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