Panel four of today's comic marks the first drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS2 (previously I was usin' regular old CS). It is a pretty slick program! Expensive though.

Questionable Content: Using Merchandise Revenue To Draw The Comic Better, Not Purchase Solid-Gold Bathtubs

Sometime in the next couple of weeks you will probably start seeing some banner ads up on the front page. I promise they will not be those annoying "CLICK THE MONKEY TO WIN A FREE IPOD" craps (or things like them). I am considering opening some space up for regular ol' people to advertise on QC as well. Stay tuned for more details.

I think that is it for tonight! Time to go eat some tacos and draw more. I did a whole bunch of poster personalizations this afternoon and have finally started to get comfortable with drawing in ink again. Who knows, maybe someday I'll do a QC strip entirely by hand. It'd be an interesting experiment.

More tomorrow!

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