So we're just about done with the actual "moving in" part of the moving-in part of the story. I am proud that I managed to get through the entire mini-arc without resorting to any "hur hur Steve dropped the couch on Marten's foot hurr" jokes. Tonight's comic in particular was like packing ten pounds of jokes into a five pound bag. This is pretty much my favorite part about writing QC- if I can cram something that I think is funny into every single panel, I feel like I've done a pretty good job. Of course that doesn't (and probably shouldn't) happen every time, but it's nice when I can pull it off. Hopefully you think so too!

I suppose I should start yelling about it now: Cristi and I will be attending this year's San Diego Comic Con, along with a bunch of my Dayfree Press buddies. If you're out on the west coast it promises to be a fun time! I'll have more specific info as the con approaches.

So I am really liking Death From Above 1979's latest record. There's something about yowling punk tunes and double distorted basses that just makes me grin as I listen to it. If you like to rock, you should check them out.

That's it for tonight! I have hell of drawings to do this weekend so I best go get started. See you Monday.

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