Today's strip really sucks, I know. My apologies.

Normally I'd have reworked the strip into something less ass-tacular, but I'm rocking an extremely virulent form of artist's block this evening. Sometimes in cases like this the best thing you can do is just get SOMEthing done and hope that next time will be better. So that's what I did.

Thanks to everyone who ordered a shirt it looks like I will actually break even on the printing fee. You are all so awesome it HURTS! I'll post more info once I get in touch with the printer etc.

Hey look, Top Web Comics is back up! You should vote for QC there. And at Buzzcomix. If you want.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm very tired and frustrated at the moment. I will see you Wednesday, hopefully with a comic strip that does not such so much.

Oh, one last thing. You should get on iTunes or your favorite illegal mp3 client RIGHT NOW and get a song called Black Out Fall Out by the awesome Japanese band Polysics. It is Fucking Rad.

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