I am MUCH happier with the art in today's strip.

Thanks to everyone who basically told me "Bitch, you trippin' hardcore. Monday's comic be the shiz-nizzle." Okay nobody used those exact words but you get the idea. I swear though, I am hard on myself for a reason! And that reason is to provide you with more high-quality webcomicin'!

What I did not realize on Monday was that Monday's comic was the perfect setup to the next little arc in the story, as you can no doubt tell by today's strip. I guess I was just trying to move the plot along subconsciously or something. In any case I'm feeling much better about today's strip so all is well.

My friend Leo asks an interesting thing on the QC forums: "Am I the only one who doesn't read most webcomics because they simply do not make me laugh?" You are not the only one, Leo.

The sad truth is that 98% of all webcomics are completely and utterly horrible and should never be looked at by anyone ever (including blind people and cyborgs). Of that remaining 2%, only a fraction are likely to engage a given reader in some way. This is why I think most people only have 2 or three comics that they read regularly. There are some people like me who are comic nerds and read 30+ on a regular basis, but I think we are the exception rather than the rule.

Do I think QC falls into the 98% of crap, or the 2% of decent stuff? While I like to pretend that QC is decent, I can't ever let myself really believe that or it will stagnate. So while deep down I hope that it is a decent comic to look at and perhaps giggle about, most of the time I just tell myself that it is terrible so that I do not get cocky.

Have you seen Scare-O-Deleria yet? John A continues to amaze (and frighten).

QC is doing much better than I was expecting over at Top Web Comics. I heartily encourage you to vote for it there, and at Buzzcomix also if you are the sort of person who enjoys clicking on vote buttons.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my little family. His name is Pie, and he would love it if you said hello.

See you Friday!

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