Now, Dora may be rather militant about her beverage nomenclature but you should probably not take this strip as a stinging indictment if you've ever slipped up and asked for a grande or venti at a non-Starbucks coffeehouse. My buddy Eric made this mistake once at the Haymarket and the poor dude nearly got glared clean to death by the barrista.

Also, if you happen to like Starbucks that is okay by me. I used to go there a lot but then I discovered the joys of locally-owned fair-trade coffee shops.

Remember folks, Friday is the LAST day to order Pandapus merchandise! They're going off sale forever at midnight. I've got a new design in the works that will debut next Friday that I think you're going to like. Also next Friday the first pre-ordering round for Sellout shirts ends, so you might want to get on that boat before it leaves the dock so to speak.

The other day I was at the mall and I heard an LCD Soundsystem song playing in the Gap. How weird is that? Other weird things: Iron and Wine covering the Postal Service in that M&Ms commercial, Ratatat in a Hummer H2 commercial, people actually thinking Wilderness is a good band as opposed to a group of pompous, pretentious reverb junkies...seriously I do not go out of my way to say nasty things about bands but I had heard such good things about their debut album and it is AWFUL. Shame on you, music critics I normally trust.

That's it for this week, see you on Monday!

PS: Is "barrista" an acceptable term for non-Starbucks coffee people? I think they should just be called beveragologists.

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