It was not until I was doing the lettering for Wednesday's comic that I realized I needed to get the font I use for Pintsize again. Silly me. It should be fixed from now on (not that anyone noticed, hehe).

I'm quite pleased with the art in today's strip. For whatever reason it just came together with a minimum of struggling. Also I think Faye's latest shirt is goddamned cute. Perhaps the drawing was easier because I got to come home from my day job early today.

Maybe I should email someone over at Apple and tell them that I'm doing a week's worth of strips about the iPod. A little publicity certainly wouldn't hurt QC. Incidentally, I couldn't be happier with my iPod. Also iTunes- wonderful, wonderful program. I am currently too poor to check out the whole online music aspect of it but I am sure I will eventually. By and large I have heard good things.

QC has hit #25 at Top Web Comics, which is super-awesome. Keep those votes coming, they get more people to see the strip which in turn gives me even more incentive to keep busting my ass to make it better.

We had our first snow of the season here in Northampton. I grew up in Maryland so it's always something of a shock when snow hits the ground before Thanksgiving (hell, most years we wouldn't even see snow until after Christmas down in MD). I plan on spending most of this winter curled up in front of a monitor, doodling away. I also plan on becoming a multi-billionaire and purchasing a small island nation, but that's neither here nor there.

Just you wait...once I've got this death ray finished, the world will be mine! MUAHAHAHA!

by "death ray" I mean newspost and by "the world" I mean "whatever happens to be within arm's reach of me at the moment

Why is it my newsposts always deteriorate into bizarrity at the last moment. Is bizarrity even a word, or did I just invent it???

See you Friday!

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