Today's comic is directly inspired by my own experience purchasing an iBook at an Apple store.

I had spent weeks doing research online, so by the time I went into the store I knew exactly what I wanted. The sales person I was dealing with obviously had no fucking clue how to handle it. I basically walked in, got his attention, said "I want a stock 14" iBook. I don't want to look at any Powerbooks, I don't want extra RAM or Applecare right now, just go in the back and get me an iBook and let me pay for it and leave."

The sales guy had a look on his face as if I had just asked him to get me a solid-gold G5 and a couple whores for the night. It was priceless.

Now, I don't advocate being mean to salespeople for no good reason. They are normal human beings like you and me, they just happen to have crappy jobs which require them to annoy the living fuck out of other human beings in order to make a living. I'm simply saying that by firmly stating your intentions upon their salutations, it will save both you and the salesperson a lot of extraneous talking. Also it will save the salesperson the bad karma of having yet another person wish they would drop dead of a heart attack simply so they would stop speaking.

Members of the QC forums have turned Top Web Comics and Buzzcomix into a sort of game, a game involving them voting like mad fuckers and thereby driving QC further and further up in the standings. Huge thank-yous to everyone who is voting regularly. I can't believe how well QC is doing considering I've only been at it since August. It's really encouraging.

That's it for tonight. I just got my new guitar amp today (check Jephco for pics a little later on tonight) and I want to go play with it some more. See you Monday!

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