Okay maybe it's not THAT bad. Then again maybe it is!

Woohoo! The holiday season has officially begun here at QC headquarters and we're kicking things off with a brand-new t-shirt design AND a new poster! We're doing ONE WEEK of pre-orderin' for the t-shirt, and we'll begin shipping the new posters out on November 11th because that's when they're coming in from the printer. Remember, you only have until the end of November to order stuff for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery! Merchandise takes 2-4 weeks to ship although many items will ship considerably sooner than that depending on what we have in stock at any given moment.

Do you like
Hate Song? I like Hate Song.

Whoa, apparently IndieTits is updating again. Here's hoping the lazy fucker who does it actually keeps it up this time.

That's it for tonight, I will see you tomorrow with another comic!

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