I'm just waiting for the first email I get accusing me of being sexist (or squishy-ass-ist I guess).

A lot of you seem to have noticed some artwork changes I've been making this week! Seems like the vast majority of you enjoy them, which is good to hear. As for the rest of you, I repeat what may as well be this comic's slogan: "If you don't like the current artwork, wait a week. It'll be different."

The first batch of ASCII Heart (and some Rockin' Pintsize) shirts have arrived! We are sending things out literally as fast as the US Postal Service will let us (and as fast as our little feet will go). Both designs looks SUPER HOT, I will try to get some action shots up on the merch page soon. Speaking of which, if you send me pictures of yourself in QC gear I might feature you on the merchandise page! If you're looking for some sort of bizarre internet pseudo-fame, this would be a good thing to do.

We've been getting more emails lately from people inquiring about their merchandise order status. While we are happy to assist you, please bear in mind that currently all orders take 2-4 weeks to ship. While many items will go out substantially sooner than this, it is probably safe to assume that if you ordered something from QC less than 4 weeks ago it is either on its way to you or will be within days. You wouldn't believe how many people email me asking about their shirt order only to have it arrive the next day. :)

Apparently I kind of broke Hate Song yesterday! I think this is one of those webcomic milestones, like breaking 10,000 readers or going full-time, or recieving arrest threats from professional fucktard Jack Thompson. Fred (the excellent author) of Hate Song would like me to inform you that he has secured new hosting and the site should be back up by the end of Wednesday as the new DNS registration propagates through the robo-webs. I suggest you check it out when it's back up, it's one of the most unique and hilarious webcomics out there.


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